Moscow Halal Expo

Moscow Halal Expo: exhibition with a long history

The international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition has been taking place every year since 2010. In 2016 the Alif Consult company, which specialized in halal food products marketing, became the exhibition's organizer. Nowadays the event is held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and the Russian Muftis Council, with the support of the Government of Moscow, as well as Russian and foreign organizations.

What is Moscow Halal Expo?

The international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition includes:

  • over 250 manufacturers and suppliers of halal food products from 40 countries
  • over 150 product buyers
  • over 25 official delegations

This is a great opportunity to:

  • find new suppliers or distributors
  • find business partners
  • enter the global halal market
  • establish beneficial cooperation

The exhibition is conducted in order to present the manufacturers' brands, to attract investment to the halal food sector, to expand the presence of halal products in HoReCa and Retail, to increase the share of high-quality, eco-friendly products at the Russian market, and to boost export and volume of halal food trade.

What products can be found at the exhibition?

At the Moscow Halal Expo 2017 exhibition you can find the booths of manufacturers of the following halal products:

—meat (beef, mutton, rabbit meat),

— meat products and delicacies (pelmeni, sausages, etc)

—poultry (chicken, turkey, quail),

—dairy products (milk, yogurts, kefir, ayran, sour cream etc),


—raw materials for manufacturers (substitutes for margarine, gelatine and other substances containing lard),

— vegetable oils,

— bakery products,

— confectionery

— canned products

— sauces,

— tea, coffee, soft drinks,

— halal products for HoReCa,

—baby food,

Apart from that, at the exhibition you will be able to find exposition with such promising and relevant goods like Lenten products and eco, bio products and kosher products.

Business programme of the exhibition

Moscow Halal Expo offers an eventful business programme that includes the International Forum “Halal market in Russia and CIS countries: analysis, current challenges and prospects”, Islamic Finance and Investment Forum CIS, Forum “Eco-Halal”, business workshops for first-time entrepreneurs and B2B workshops on HoReCa and retail.

Show programme of the exhibition

An eventful show programme will include different events at the participants’ booths, a cooking show, award ceremony for compliance of the companies’ business processes with halal standards and the traditional tasting contest “Halal product of the year”.

Participation format

You can participate in the exhibition by choosing the suitable tariff in the “Book a booth” section.

To visit the exhibition, please buy a ticket.

Media representatives will have to be accredited.

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