What does halal mean and include?

Halal (Arabic حلال‎ — “allowed”‎) is everything allowed and acceptable in Islam. Therefore, when we talk about halal products, it means that the manufacturer claims his goods are Islamically compliant. According to these criteria, the product is supposed to meet numerous requirements, including high quality and the company’s responsible approach to all work stages. The opposite notion is haram, i.e. something forbidden and unacceptable in Islam.

It should be noted that nowadays halal products go beyond Islamic countries, as followers of other religions pay their attention to manufacturers that guarantee environmentally friendly and safe products. This is why more and more companies throughout the world express interest in entering the global halal market or finding suppliers among its representatives.

The international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition for halal products provides such an opportunity. You will be able to see latest developments of the global halal market, to meet representatives of leading manufacturing companies and to establish a mutually beneficial and productive cooperation before the event is over.

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