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We would like to provide you with information to explain how we collect, store and process information received on our website. We would also like to inform you how we use your personal data.


We consider it our duty to protect the privacy of our clients who might be somehow identified while visiting the website and using its services (hereafter referred to as Services). Privacy Policy is applicable to all the information about a client that our website might receive during his visit and that can be associated with this particular client. This Privacy Policy is also binding for the websites of companies with which we have respective binding relationships (hereafter referred to as Partners).

Receiving and using private information

Our website receives your personal information when you sign up, use some of our services or products, visit the website, or use our partners' services.

We can also collect your data when you have accepted the Privacy Agreement on our website, but have not completed the registration progress. The personal information that can be collected on this website during the registration process, as well as the information collected during placing orders and buying any services, can include your name, patronymic and surname, postal address, email and phone number. We can also request information about your habits, interest, products and services offered by our website’s external partners that we could offer you on our website.

All your personal information collected on the website belongs to you. However, when you send your personal information to us, you give use the right to use your personal information for any legal use, including, but not limited to:

  • Ordering a product or a service;
  • communicating your personal information to a third party in order to order a product or a service provided by the third party on our website;
  • showing advertisement by means of telemarketing, postal marketing, pop-up windows, banners;
  • monitoring implementation of our End User License Agreement;
  • reviewing, subscribing, unsubscribing, improving content and getting feedback.

You agree that we can contact you any time regarding updates and/or any other information that we deem related to your further use of the website. We also reserve the right to transfer information about a former or current user if we find that our website was used by this user for illegal activity.

We can provide our website's external partners with information about users who used to receive targeted advertisements, in order to form upcoming advertising campaigns and to update information about the visitor used for obtaining statistical data.

External links

We bear no responsibility for accuracy, confidentiality and Privacy Agreements of any external partners that can place advertisements on our website. All external advertising materials that are placed on our website and belong to external advertisers have no relation to our website.

Our website automatically receives and records in server logs the technical information from your browser, such as IP address, cookies, product queries and visited pages. This information is recorded in order to improve the experience of our website’s users. We also request to provide an email address that is required for logging in, for fast and safe password recovery, or in order to allow our website administrators to contact you in case of emergency (e.g. payment issues) and to correspond with you while rendering a service. This email address will never be used for any newsletters, apart from those to which you have subscribed.

Your choice of information use

During the registration process and/or when you send us your personal data on our website, you have the choice to agree or to disagree with the suggestion to send your personal data to our external partners for marketing communication. If you are contacted by the representatives of these external partners, you should inform them about your preferences regarding the use of your personal information.

Despite everything mentioned above, we can cooperate with external partners who can (on their own or through their partners) place or collect unique cookie files in your web browsers. These cookies provide access to demonstrating customized advertisement, content or services offered to you. For processing such cookies, we can transfer a unique programmed codified or hash (unreadable by a human) identifier connected to your email address to online advertisers who can place cookies on your computer. These cookies are not associated with any personal data that can be used to identify you. You can change your browser settings in order to block the placement of cookies on your computer.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We reserve the right to collect non-personally identifiable information about you when you browse different pages of our website. This non-personally identifiable information includes with no limitations: browser type you use, your IP address, type of operating system you use, and the domain name of your Internet provider.

We use this non-personally identifiable information in order to improve our website's design and content, and to customize your work in Internet. We can also use this information to analyse the website use and to offer you products and services. We reserve the right to use aggregated or integrated data about our visitors for legal purposes. Aggregated or integrated data implies the information describing demography, use and/or characteristics of our visitors as a generalized group. By visiting the website and providing us with your personal data, you allow us to provide such information to our partners.

We can also use cookies for better user experience on our website. Cookies are text files we store in your browser in order to save your preferences and settings. We use Cookies to understand how the website is used, to personalize your Internet work and to improve the content and offers of our website.


We do not store information about minors below 18 years old. No information on this website should be provided by minors. We warn parents and recommend them to monitor their children’s Internet activity.


We will do our best to prevent unauthorized access to your information, however no data communication through internet, a mobile device or a Wi-fi device can guarantee absolute safety. We will improve our security system whenever new technologies and methods are available.

We strongly recommend that you do not share your password with anyone. If you forget your password, we will ask you to provide a document for identification purposes and will send you an email with a link that will enable you to reset the password.

Please keep in mind that you control the information that you send to us while using the Services. Eventually, you are responsible for non-disclosure of your personality, passwords and/or other personal information you hold while using Services. Be cautious and responsible when it comes to your personal data. We bear no responsibility and cannot control the use of your information provided by you to other people, and you should be careful while choosing personal information to send to third parties through Services. Similarly, we are not responsible for the content of personal information or other information you receive from other users through Services, and we will not be held responsible for the content of any personal information you might receive while using Services. We can not guarantee and we are not responsible for accuracy of personal information or any information provided by third parties. We are exempt from any responsibility related to use of such personal information or other information about others.


By using this website and/or agreeing to receive information from us through email, you also accept the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change, add and/or remove parts of this Privacy Policy at any time at our own discretion. All changes in Privacy Policy will take effect immediately after being posted on the website. Please check this page regularly for updates. If you continue to use the website and/or agree to email communication after the publication of changes to this Privacy Policy, you are deemed to accept any and all changes.

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