​Retail centre

Direct negotiations between representatives of halal industry.

What is a retail centre?

The Retail Centre is a new project within the framework of the international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition that brings together retailers of large federal chains and distributors. It takes place in the format of direct negotiations, which gives an opportunity to meet leading and young companies, to discuss cooperation terms and to conclude profitable deals. The event attracts companies aimed at mutually advantageous cooperation, therefore this event is of practical usefulness for all players of the halal market.

How to participate?

You need to apply for participation by filling in the form below. We will get back to you for further communication.

Can I see the list of participants in advance?

Yes, very soon we will post a preliminary list of participants that will be updated as new companies are added to it. This way you will be able to select companies for negotiations even before the beginning of the international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition.

Still having questions?

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