​Manufacturers of halal products in Russia: how to find a reliable supplier?

Where can you find a manufacturer of halal products in Russia? How should you choose a really trustworthy supplier?

Halal production is currently one of the most promising industries. The thing is that halal refers not only to religion! First and foremost, the term “halal” implies a high quality of products, which is important for everyone concerned about their health.

The demand for halal products keeps growing and is greater than supply, at least when it comes to CIS countries.This is why many entrepreneurs are now thinking of entering the halal market before the competition skyrockets.

The first step is to find a reliable supplier.

Where to find a supplier?

A modern entrepreneur can use many means to find a supplier. For example:

  • Search engines. This is probably one of the least efficient options, since the information volume is too big, and the producers ranked first by Google or Yandex are not always reliable or do not always supply high quality products.
  • Producers’ catalogues. This can be divided into two types: a general search through catalogues and a selection among the companies that have halal certificates and are recommended by different state institutions or specialized media. This approach significantly narrows the search, but we should keep in mind that halal production in Russia is still going through its development stage, therefore many decent companies might be overlooked.
  • Specialized events. Local and international exhibitions bringing together suppliers, distributors, investors and other market players. The main advantage is that you can meet company representatives in person, see the product range and discuss possible cooperation. Preliminary agreements are often made even before the events are over, since no web-source can be more efficient than personal communication and good presentations.

What are the criteria to follow?

  • Certificate of compliance. That implies not only a halal certificate, but also other certificates, declarations and required documents. You can get the information about the documents from a lawyer or one of the certification centres.
  • Reputation. Your company’s reputation directly depends on your supplier’s reputation. You can read comments on the Internet or industry publications to form your own opinion. Don’t forget that negative comments are not always a deal breaker. However, if most customers associate the brand with a low quality, it is better to refrain from cooperation.
  • Customers. Find out who the company is working with: if it supplies to well-reputed companies, that means a lot.
  • Work and warehouse condition. Before agreeing to a long-term cooperation, you should visit the company’s warehouse to make sure the products are stored according to all norms and sanitary requirements.
  • Cooperation terms. This point cannot be neglected, since it can make a supply of the most high-quality product unprofitable.

The international Moscow Halal Expo exhibition is one of the key events in our country. The manufacturers of halal products from Russia and CIS countries can book a booth and get an opportunity to present their companies at the exhibition in the most impactful way. We also invite buyers and distributors to become our partners and to visit the retail centre and other events at Moscow Halal Expo.

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