London entrepreneurs go by halal standards

The number of Muslim population keeps growing in London, the biggest industrial hub in Europe.

The number of Muslim population keeps growing in London, the biggest industrial hub in Europe. As a result, many producers engage in manufacturing halal goods in order to satisfy the demand of Muslim consumers. For example, Saeema Rangrez opened the Baking Tray confectionery company that produces cakes, pies and other sweets. These products are all halal, that is made of ingredients allowed for Muslims. Rangrez is very particular about this question, as well as observance of sanitary and technical requirements applicable to halal production. She notes that the demand for halal products is constantly growing and hopes for further development of this market.

Other entrepreneurs, Imran Kawzar and Noman Hawaya, decided to organize a three-day halal food festival in London. The visitors had a chance to taste hot dishes, desserts and beverages made in accordance with halal standards. The businessmen were amazed with the scope of the event, which attracted a huge number of guests. They even made up a special word to define those interested in halal food — haloodie, combination of halal and foodie. This term caught on, becoming a Twitter hashtag and later a brand name for halal products manufactured by the partners.

It is interesting to know that not only the percentage of Muslim population is growing, but also its paying capacity. In these latter days the financial status of middle-class Muslim has considerably risen. They study in universities, work in large companies, hence the increased requirements for the quality and safety of food products.

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