Bahrain expressed willingness to buy large shipments

Bahrain expressed willingness to buy large shipments of agricultural products in Russia

No obstacles to the increase of Russian-Bahraini trade. One of the main sectors of the economy today, able to affect it - food. This issue was discussed at the meeting, Vice-President of the CCI of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko with a delegation of Bahraini businessmen. The purpose of the delegation's stay in Moscow - 7 participated in the Second Moscow International Exhibition of Halal industry «Moscow Halal Expo 2016" (June 2-5, 2016 "Sokolniki").

A major role in working with the Bahrain business plays a Russian-Bahraini Business Council, headed by the Vice-President of the RF CCI Vladimir Dmitriev, until recently - President of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Padalko said.

Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council see their task in expanding trade with Bahrain, in the promotion of Russian exports and the implementation of joint investment projects, said vice-president of the Chamber.

The cooperation of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) with an investment fund of Bahrain "Mumtalyakat" Kingdom. Their partnership provides uniform criteria and the development of mutually beneficial investment opportunities in Russia and Bahrain. Fund "Mumtalyakat" is a member of the automatic mechanism of co-investment and participated in the vast majority of investment transactions RDIF 10 per cent of total investments.

Nevertheless, much remains to be done. So, by the Russian Chamber of Commerce received concrete proposals of Bahrain delegation: to exchange updated information on the needs and suggestions of business; actively participate in the exhibition and congress events held in Russia and Bahrain; often work with Russian regions.

As the Ambassador of Bahrain Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Saati, the current delegation of the country represents the interests of nearly 16 thousand. Bahraini companies. Launching of joint projects will help Russian food exporters to enter the market of the Gulf region. And favorable conditions have been created for this purpose. In particular, the abolition of taxes for the branches of foreign companies, holders of special passports (diplomatic or service) can get to Bahrain without obtaining a visa. And most importantly, the current government of Bahrain has given the green light to accelerate the development of bilateral trade and economic relations, in particular, due to the food sector.

In turn, a board member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce - Chairman of the food committee, Khaled Ali Rashed Al-Amin said that as long as Russian companies in the country is represented by a bit. One reason: the Russian companies do not pay sufficient attention to the marketing component of the business. The way out of this would be to open representative offices in Bahrain. Importers are waiting for this - they are confident in the quality of food products from Russia and are ready to create a new joint venture project.

Presentation of Russian agro-industrial complex building was carried out during the meeting representatives of major Russian companies.

According to the Russian Federal Customs Service, trade turnover between Russia and Bahrain in 2015 totaled $ 12.2 million...

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