Ecohalal is becoming a popular trend

From 2nd to the 5th of June Moscow hosted the VII Moscow international exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2016.

From 2nd to the 5th of June Moscow hosted the VII Moscow international exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2016. This year the exhibition presented not only new areas and new members but also new directions. One of them is eco-halal topic. Mr. Rashid Ismailov, Director of the Center of environmental certification Green standards told about halal eco standards at the opening ceremony.

"Currently the theme of environmental protection and rational nature management is extremely important and is socially, economically and politically significant both in Russia and around the world. The issues of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, primarily, limiting access to drinking water, waste management, the development of green technologies, green energy are on the agenda today of the state officials not only of the Islamic world," - said Ismailov.

Speaking on the relationship of ecology and Islam, Rashid Ismailov said that "considering their harmony with the natural interpenetration, we can conclude the existence of unified ideological approaches to the formation of life values of the person and ensuring his life between environment and Islam. Environmentally determined, environmentally responsible approach to life, including that based on green standards, it is, in fact, a way of life according to the laws of eco-halal. The cleanliness of the house, surrounding area, and the thrift in relation to the gifts of nature, natural food, eco-friendliness and purity of thoughts - all these are the rules of life of every Muslim."

"In the section "respect for nature and animals" it is separately emphasized that "the man and the nature are the great and sacred works of the Creator. Not only your house should be clean, but also a house of Allah, which is any piece of land. We should not forget to thank God for nature, which our Creator has generously endowed our humanity". Thus, Islam requires directly from a Muslim a careful and respectful attitude to the nature and the surrounding world."

In addition, Mr. Ismailov said that in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia the year of the environment will be conducted in Russia in 2017: "Considering this, we have prepared a number of proposals for the development of the environmental dimension of the activities of the Russian Muftis Council and the Religious board of Muslims of Russia. This is along with the issues of international cooperation in the sphere of environmental protection and environmental education of Muslims, especially the younger generation, for whom the concept of eco-Halal should become a modern and fashionable trend."

However, Rashid Ismailov lamented the fact that this environmentally responsible approach to business has a large but underestimated value: "These are the increase in competitiveness, support of the authorities, increasing worldwide consumer choices of goods and services in favor of environmentally friendly products. The principle of eco-halal can manifest in a variety of industries. In energy it is the development of renewable natural energy sources, in construction it is a secure housing, in agriculture - the land free of chemicals, in aquaculture - a frugality, in animal husbandry - ecologically natural product, in medicine - the ethics. And this list can be endless. Even in the fashion industry today, the eco-friendly approach is gaining momentum. Naturalness in fabrics and production as well as the rejection of animal fur and chemicals are becoming popular. All these industries have a huge potential for investments in Russia and other countries of the Middle East and the Asian region for so-called "green" finance, which can surely be called an eco-halal investment".

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