Italy lays claim to being Mediterranean halal hub.

On 26-30 March a session of the WHFC (World Halal Food Council) took place in Rome.

On 26-30 March a session of the WHFC (World Halal Food Council) took place in Rome. The event was organized by the Italian section of the Halal International Authority. For the first time the Italian capital brought together delegates from 57 Muslim countries.

A protocol agreement regarding establishment of the Italian “Halal” centre was signed with the Malaysian Government Agency for Halal Market Development during the session. This protocol implies experience exchange between Malaysian and Italian specialists. As a result, Italy might become a European halal hub supplying products to Mediterranean, Asian and Balkan countries.

So far 270 Italian producers have received certificates of compliance with halal standards. Many of them have reached the production scale allowing them to promote their products at the global market. According to Fahah Alared, representative of the Committee for Islamization of Banks of Saudi Arabia, Middle Eastern investors express readiness to invest in the Italian production. However, Italy, for its part, should officially recognize the halal market and introduce mandatory certification of halal producers. Working at this market means complying with the Islamic economic principles that prohibit interest credits and unethical businesses.

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