South Korea expresses interest in halal products

South Korea is currently one of the countries that are actively developing the halal production sector.

South Korea is currently one of the countries that are actively developing the halal production sector. The country keeps taking new steps in order to gain more knowledge about halal standards. According to Kim Jin Woo, head of the “Halal” association of South Korea, the country is facing the task of satisfying the Muslim consumers’ demand and attracting visitors from Islamic countries.

Another reason of this interest in the halal production sector is related to the preparation for receiving Muslim athletes at the Winter Olympic Games, which will take place in South Korea in 2018. The Association representative hopes that by that time 50% of Koreans will have enough information about the concept of halal products. He also said that the population of South Korea amounted to 50 million, with 130,000 belonging to a Muslim community, and this number kept growing every year.

In order to get to know the halal sector better, Kim Jin Woo went to Malaysia, one of this industry’s leaders, with a working visit. He was accompanied by a delegation of the Korean “Halal” Association, whose aim was to receive complete information about the basic principles of entrepreneurship in the halal production industry and about education and consulting issues in this field.

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