Halal production growing in South Korea

There is a heightened interest in halal technologies and standards in the food industry of South Korea. Manufacturers are studying the demand among the Muslim population and are increasing production of halal food products.

Nongshim, noodles and light snacks producer, is one of these organizations. In 2011 the company opened a new enterprise for producing halal instant noodles. One year after the product entered the market, the company witnessed rapid sales growth. Currently the company supplies this product to Muslim countries, such as the UAE and Qatar; in November 2014 its sales volume amounted to almost USD 2.5 mln.

Another South Korean company, CJ CheilJedang, received halal certificates for the entire range of its products comprising 433 items, including products made of rice, seaweed and even pickled vegetables (national dish “kimchi”). The company currently exports its products to Singapore and Malaysia and intends to expand to other countries.

Another example is the food producer Our Home, which has recently certified its packed kimchi according to halal standards. For this purpose, the company had to exclude shrimp sauce and wine from the recipe, as these products are not allowed according to the Hanafi madhab. Some manufacturers of confectionery products, such as Pepero and Crown Confectionery, also had to change their ingredients. These measures prove the real interest of the companies in halal food production.

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