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Rules of visiting the exhibition Moscow Halal Expo

Exhibition organizing company Alif consult LLC

INN 9715214303 BIN 1157746806898 in the person of General Director Skogorev Kirill Rashadovich

The person who accepted the organizer’s invitation to visit the exhibition and register as a visitor or bought a cash ticket, agree to these Rules and agree to abide them.

Entrance to the exhibition is possible for professional visitors, consumers of Halal and for all interested in such products.

Professional visitor — business owner, individual entrepreneur, executive, Director, Manager, specialist, representative of foreign or domestic specialized company, enterprise, public authority, Association, Union, who are visiting the exhibition to achieve business and professional goals defined by the theme of the exhibition. In order to confirm the professional status of the visitor Exhibition Organizer has the right to ask him to submit supporting document: self-business card, a power of attorney or an official letter introducing the organization or any other document proving the professional status of the visitor.

Badge is the basis for entrance to the exhibition. Badge is valid throughout the exhibition period.

Badges can be self-printed after completing the registration procedure on the website of the exhibition as a visitor or can be received at the registration front-Desk at the entrance to the territory of the exhibition upon presenting the electronic ticket, or in exchange for ticket and invitation card and a completed visitors application form. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the entrance to the Fairgrounds. Filling the questionnaire of the visitor is required when exchanging ticket or invitation card for a badge. Forms are available on the tables next to the reception. The mass-media badge is issued after the accreditation procedure, the order of which is specified on the official website of the expo.

Free admission is available for students of specialized Universities at the certain days specified by the organizer of expo. The entrance to the exhibition for such individuals must be accompanied by a teacher, according to the list of students officially approved by the administration of the University.

In case of loss of badge, you can contact the front Desk for reimbursement .

Entrance to the exhibition territory is allowed only through the appointed turnstile groups . In order to pass the turnstiles you need to scan(attach) the barcode of the badge to the reader of the turnstile.

The transfer or sale of visitors badges to any third party is prohibited.

The organizer is entitled to check the conformity of the name in the badge, with the name of the visitor, in that case the Organizer can ask the visitor to present an identity document.

At the exhibition visitors are not allowed to trade or distribute any advertising and information products, conduct presentations, demonstrations and any other similar events and actions without written approval of the organizer.

At the exhibition area it is prohibited to be in the state and in the form not corresponding to the business character of the exhibition and generally accepted norms of behavior and also to take actions that violate public order.

Attention! You may be denied to access the exhibition, in several cases:

1. The discrepancy questionnaire: the information is not filled correctly, the data do not correspond to reality, presenting someone else’s badge, do not confirm registration.

2. Non conformity with the selected types: Every visitor has to fill the questionnaire on the basis of their belonging to the type of visitor (Buyer, representative of organization, mass-media, personal interests)

3. Black lists / Ban lists: the Organizer has the right to refuse admission to the exhibition to the persons previously violated the rules of the organizer, namely:

  • Holding an unauthorized flash mobs
  • Unauthorized action
  • Provocation
  • Political or religious propaganda

Also participation of consumer protection societies, as the format of exhibition means a communication between Stand holder – Buyer, as well as marketing and promotional campaigns.

4. Visitors who has unsubscribed from updates from domain www.mhe.su and added it to the spam list.

In case of violation of these Rules, the organizer has the right to deny the visit of the exhibition to the person who commits the violation without any compensation.

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