Why is it important to visit the Halal Exhibition?

Moscow Halal Expo Visitor's Guide

Moscow Halal Expo is the biggest exhibition for halal products on the CIS territory. Manufacturers and distributors of halal products from 41 countries participate in the Exhibition. In Russia the biggest halal producers come to the Exhibition from the Volga region and the Caucasus, as well as from the Ural, Central and South Federal Districts. The largest international hubs of halal production are UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, North African countries, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Since 2017 the Halal Expo has been focusing on the food market, which is the largest and most fast-growing segment of the halal market. Here you can find well-known brands of halal producers and new products in different segments:

  • halal meat (beef, mutton, rabbit meat),
  • meat products and delicacies (sausages, pelmeni etc)
  • halal poultry (chicken, turkey, quail),
  • halal dairy products (milk, yogurts, kefir, ayran, sour cream etc),
  • halal cheese
  • halal ingredients and raw materials for manufacturers (halal substitutes for margarine, gelatine and other substances containing lard and animal fat),
  • vegetable oils,
  • halal confectionery (candies, sweets, oriental sweets, marmalade etc.),
  • bakery products,
  • canned products and sauces,
  • tea, coffee, soft drinks,
  • halal products for HORECA,
  • halal baby food,
  • kosher products,
  • fasting products,
  • eco- and bio products.

Certain expositions are devoted to halal cafés, fast food and restaurants, as well as companies developing on the basis of franchise.

Halal is a product quality mark, usually in the form of a special label on the product that comes with a certificate. Certificates are issued by authorized competent institutions. Usually this refers to certificates issued by religious organizations.


Every year, once Halal Expo is finished, products with halal labels appear in many retail chains in different segments: dairy products, meat, delicacies and semi-finished products, fresh and frozen products, cosmetics, instant food, vegetable oils and other sections.

If you wish to offer interesting, high-quality products to your clients, visit Moscow Halal Expo to see the latest offers and attend the forums and the retail centre.


The halal market has its own distinction marks — that is winning the “Halal Product of the Year” contest conducted in the course of the Exhibition in several nominations, and the “Halal Company of the Year” contest, whose winner is declared the best company with account of a number of factors.

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